Managing your employees, profile information, access rights, qualification, security, lone workers, employee rostering and scheduling and inductions can be very time consuming with a manual system.

Let Time & People offer solutions to take the hassle out of employee management with attendance tracking, including remote/off-site locations, compliance requirements, and induction management across one or multiple sites.

Key features for Employee Management;
  • Create and manage employee profiles
  • Integrate with your Active Directory
  • Easily sign in and out employee presence with mobile app and geo-fencing technology or intgrate with access control.
  • Ensure employee are aware of site rules with sign in screening or online inductions.
  • Use Dashboards to see who has signed in showing their geolocation on a map
  • Set max occupancy rules.
  • Powerful reporting and insight.
  • Staff scheduling and rostering .
  • Desk booking and employee scheduling.
  • Evacuation management tools.
  • Automatically notify employees of deliveries.
Manage Employees Offsite
Working from Home, Lone Workers, Remote Workers
  • Receive alerts when an employee signs in to work alone
  • Ask lone workers to log their expected duration on-site, be notified when that time lapses
  • Ask employees to send their location when working remotely
  • Employees can trigger a SOS alert in the event of an emergency using the WolMobile app, pinpointing their geolocation
  • Use Dashboards to see who has signed in showing their geolocation on a map
  • Set up sign in questions for remote and lone workers
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