No-one can predict when an emergency will arise such as an intruder, medical emergency, explosion or one of many natural disasters frequent today.

To be prepared and ensure all your people including employees, contractors and visitors are safe in an event of an emergency, you must know where they should be and then be able to quickly verify their Safety. Although the software will allow you to print an evacuation list of people on-site, Visitor Management includes an advanced evacuation management tool for mobile devices (available for Phone or Tablet, iPhone, iPad, Microsoft or Android as a web application).

Key features for Emergency Management;
  • Automate roll-calls for everyone on-site via your mobile.
  • Confirm they have cleared their Zone.
  • Create notes about the evacuation event.
  • Send SMS to unverified people #AreYouSafe.
  • See if there is anyone on-site needing special assistance.
  • View real-time verification progress.
  • View post evacuation reports.
  • Broadcast instant messages for on-site hazards.
  • SOS alerts - employees abd contractors can send SOS alerts from a mobile device with GPS location.
  • Receive alerts for lone workers and high risk workers.
  • Activate a panic alarm from the reception desk.
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Any evacuation event will allow for post-evacuation reporting where you can view
  • Name of location, date and time the event was created
  • Name of users that participated in the event
  • Name of people verified as ‘Safe’ and verified as ‘Safe’
  • How people were verified (by manual roll-call or via SMS)
  • How long it took for all to be verified
  • Any notes created for the event
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