Managing your contractors, supplier information, insurances, access rights, licences, security and inductions can be very time consuming with a manual system.

Let Time & People take the hassle out of contractor management with solutions that will manage attendance tracking, including remote locations and construction sites, hazard notice compliance, and induction management across one or multiple sites.

Key features for Contractor Management;
  • Manage Contractors, expiry dates, licences, insurance policies and more.
  • Contractor self-onboarding with QR Code scan including document upload.
  • Integrate with Turnstiles, Boom Gates and Access Points.
  • Report easily with visual and detailed reporting.
  • Manage contractors across multiple locations.
  • Mobile photo ID confirmation of contractors – on the spot!
  • Advanced emergency evacuation tools.
  • Unlimited users, unlimited contractors, unlimited staff, unlimited kiosks.
  • Turn on additional modules including Induction Management at no extra cost
  • Incident management app.
  • Auto sign in/out with geo-fencing available.
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Contractor Portal

This portal gives you the ability to empower your service providers to add and manage information about their own organisations and members. This will ensure all records are accurate, timely and easily updated including contact information, insurance policies, qualifications and inductions. You will also have the ability to upload and store all supporting documentation against both the supplier and their members.

The portal can be customised to your organisations requirements and you can choose what information can be edited or hidden and you choose which service providers will have access to your portal by invitation only.

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