Time & People solutions for Transport

Transport includes air, rail, road and sea, transport companies come to Time & People to manage the presence and compliance of visitors, contractors and employees using the following products and solutions;

  • Service Provider Portal
    Give access to your suppliers to allow them to upload insurances, qualifications, send out inductions and more.
  • Contractor Management
    Manage the presence and compliance of contractors at one or many locations, centralise compliance with insurances, inductions, certifications and more
  • Induction Management
    Build out online or onsite inductions to be completed by contractors prior to commencing work.
  • Triggers
    Get notified when any non compliance issue occurs including expired inductions, expired insurance policy or certification or more.
  • Contractor Onboarding
    Allow your contractors to self-register using a QR code they scan to enter their details and upload any required documents such as a white card, photo ID, or any licence.
Best Selling Products for Transport
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