Time & People Solution for Mining

Time & People have been helping mining organisations manage the compliance and presence of their people including the screening and verifiying who is permitted on site based on training, inductions, qualifications and insurance.

Based on each organisations individual requirements implementing and training modules such as;

  • Contractor Management
    Manage the presence and compliance of contractors at one or many locations, centralise compliance with insurances, inductions, certifications and more
  • Contractor Onboarding
    Allow your contractors to self-register using a QR code they scan to enter their details and upload any required documents such as a white card, photo ID, or any licence
  • Induction Management
    Build out online or onsite inductions to be completed by contractors prior to commencing work or during the sign in process
  • Emergency Management
    Advanced emergency evacuation tools including an evacuation application and instant messaging
  • Integrations
    Improve processes by integrating systems such as Alcolizer + Visitor Management, Access Control + Contractor Management
  • Reporting
    Extensive and detailed reporting on real time data including customised dashboards
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