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Manufacturing customers globally need a visitor management system to not only manage the presence and compliance of visitors onsite including a visitor induction they have a strong requirement to better manage the presence and compliance of contractors using the following modules;

  • Service Provider Portal
    Give access to your suppliers to allow them to upload insurances, qualifications, send out inductions and more.
  • Contractor Management
    Manage the presence and compliance of contractors at one or many locations, centralise compliance with insurances, inductions, certifications and more.
  • Contractor Onboarding
    Allow your contractors to self-register using a QR code they scan to enter their details and upload any required documents such as a white card, photo ID, or any licence.
  • Emergency Management
    Advanced emergency evacuation tools including an evacuation application and instant messaging.
  • Reporting
    Extensive and detailed reporting on real time data including customised dashboards.
Manufacturing sectors that we have helped
How Time & People Helped AB Mauri – George Weston Foods
How has the visitor management software assisted you in your business?
The Visitor Management System is a simple and very user friendly system to control all visitors and contractors to site. The SMS and email notification feature means that the site host is notified directly of a visitor at reception which is fantastic for businesses who don’t have a receptionist.

How has the visitor management software assisted you with your Visitor and contractor management?
Because it is a web based system, updates are done seamlessly without having to have an IT technician carry out updates on site. The Visitor Management System allows us to better manage contractor inductions and annual renewals.

What do you like most about the visitor management software?
The reporting system of visitors and contractors is great for traceability and safety auditing purposes. The system is so easy to use and nearly all our visitors comment on how great the system is to use and contact the host.

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