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Government customers today need to be sure they are dealing with a reputable Australian based company with all data stored locally in Australia.

Time & People Government customers include: Schools, Transport Offices, Councils and Government Agencies.

Products and solutions they are utilising;

  • Visitor Management
    Using all in one freestanding kiosks visitors can sign in by completing a safety inductions and/or NDA and receive a validated visitor pass.
  • Triggers
    Create unlimited workflows for when a visitor signs in including VIP, banned person or not meeting your on-site requirements.
  • Service Provider Portal
    Give access to your suppliers to allow them to upload insurances, qualifications, send out inductions and more.
  • Contractor Management
    Manage the presence and compliance of contractors at one or many locations, centralise compliance with insurances, inductions, certifications and more.
  • Induction Management
    Build out online or onsite inductions to be completed by contractors prior to commencing work.
Hardware Solutions
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How Time & People Helped Camden Council
What do you like most?
The simplicity but also the fact that there are many associated modules available that we can turn on at any time without any delays or further financial outlay.

How has the visitor management software assisted you in your business?
The visitor management software has given us a professional sign in system that is simple to use and is a lot more professional than the old manual paper sign in sheet and generic badges.

This system allows us to monitor people in the building at all times and also with being in a new building we have been able to pull some fantastic statistics on the numbers on meeting and behind the scenes visitors we have had since opening our building.

The system is also so user friendly that is enable all staff once approved the capability to pre-register their own visitors for quick and seemless sign in of all visitors.
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