Time & People Solutions for Education

Safety and security is paramount for the education sectors and especially when the young and vulnerable are concerned. Knowing whos is on site and who is permitted on site is essential.

Time & People can assist all from a small primary school to large university campuses managing multiple buildings.

Solutions and products include;

  • Sign in Kiosk
    Using all in one freestanding kiosk visitors/volunteers, contractors, staff and students can sign in by completing any safety inductions and/or NDA and receive a validated visitor pass.
  • Triggers
    Create unlimited workflows for when a visitor signs in including VIP, banned person or not meeting your on-site requirements.
  • Contractor Management
    Manage the presence and compliance of contractors/volunteers including WWCC, insurances and inductions.
  • Emergency Management
    Advanced emergency evacuation tools including an evacuation application and instant messaging.
  • Reporting
    Extensive and detailed reporting on real time data including customised dashboards.
Education sectors we have helped
How Time & People Helped Nowra Christian School
How has Visitor Management software assisted you in your business?
It has enabled us to track who is on site far more easily. The email alert function allows us to identify who they are visiting and confirm their visitation as legitimate.

How has Visitor Management software assisted you with your Visitor and contractor management?
Managing contractors has become an easier process. We are able to correlate invoices with visits and determine work carried out.

What do you like most about the Visitor Management software?
The workflow is easy for new visitors to follow. Our admin staff are spending less time with application orientation.

What do you like least about Visitor Management software?
When a visitor leaves they must put in their name exactly as originally entered, including case sensitivity – Thanks to this suggestion we know have a feature to allow a visitor to sign out using first name only.
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