Time & People Solutions for Corporate

Corporate customers engage Time & People to solve some basic front desk issues. You could be looking to change to an unmanned reception or move the visitor traffic away from the front desk. Many national corporate customers take advantage of the following products and solutions;

  • Visitor Management
    Using all in one freestanding kiosks visitors can sign in by completing a safety inductions and/or NDA and receive a validated visitor pass.
  • Pre-registration Visitor Pass
    Pre-register visitors using a calendar integration that will send out a meeting confirmation via email or SMS including your location with google maps, parking tips, wifi details and any local tips such as the best coffee shop or nearby accommodation. It can also include a QR code for quick and easy sign-in.
  • Triggers
    Create unlimited workflows for when a visitor signs in including VIP, banned person or not meeting your on-site requirements.
  • Emergency Management
    Advanced emergency evacuation tools including an evacuation application and instant messaging.
  • Reporting
    Extensive and detailed reporting on real time data including customised dashboards.
Corporate sectors that we have helped
How Time & People Helped The National Rugby League
NRL needed a solution to assist with a very busy reception area. NRL looked at multiple solutions before selecting Time & People to provide the Visitor Management system Giving visitors the ability to self sign in freed up time for the reception staff who were already very busy.

A visitor will now sign in automatically sending a message to the host to alert the host that the visitor has arrived. Pre registration of visitors will allow large groups to be pre registered before they even arrive on site.
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