Time & People Solutions for Aged Care

Protecting those in aged care has become more important than ever in recent times. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, we have a collective awareness and responsibility to protect our vulnerable from infectious illnesses and seasonal flu strains.

Time & People can help you mitigate the risk to residents, employees, visitors, family members and volunteers alike using the following products and solutions;

  • Visitor Management
    Using all in one freestanding kiosks visitors can sign in by completing a safety inductions and/or NDA and receive a validated visitor pass.
  • Triggers
    Create unlimited workflows for when a visitor signs in including VIP, banned person and set maximum occupancy rules to prevent overcrowding.
  • Contractor Management
    Manage the presence and compliance of contractors at one or many locations, centralise compliance with insurances, inductions, certifications such as flu vaccines and covid vaccines.
  • Induction Management
    Build out online or onsite inductions to be completed by contractors prior to commencing work.
  • Triggers for compliance
    Get notified when any non compliance issue occurs including expired inductions, expired insurance policy or certification such as police checks and vaccines.
How Time & People Helped Bene Aged Care
Your program has revolutionised our entry and screening process for Family members, Contractors, Volunteers, and Employees. Previous to WOL all our visitors required a manual check of current flu vaccinations (now mandatory in Aged Care) that would have to be checked every time they entered any of our facilities, they would answer COVID screening questions on a paper log sheet that left us open to a risk question being overlooked. Contractors are required in addition to this to provide evidence of a current Police Check, current insurances as well as having completed an Annual Site Induction, this again had to be manually checked on a spreadsheet prior to them being permitted onto the site. All of these processes were very time consuming and difficult to monitor and manage as well as trying to maintain Infection Control.

WOL has greatly simplified this process, streamlining the entry process and ensuring that we are compliant with all the current regulations. The program is logical and easy to use, qualifications that are automatically checked through the entry kiosk means reducing the number of hours spent manually checking and the printed name badges show that the person has signed in and has all the necessary requirements.
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